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Uncanny Avengers character designs by Daniel Acuña

Now due to Ragnarok saga, showing the deaths of team members and the spell cast by the Scarlet Witch , a new saga begins , called Planet X (same name saga naos 2000 Grant Morrison ) , present a different world and several new characters.

In issues # 16 and # 17 , which brought the last moments of Ragnarok Now, a new Marvel Universe appears very insane and disconnected because of the machinations of Kang . From issue # 18 , we know the machinations of Kang for all those chosen by him to be part of your own team . Among the chosen are one Deathlok , Disgusting , Arno Stark 2020 , 2099 and Doctor Doom Conflyto.

Remender also revealed that Katie will be further exploited in the new arc. On Planet X, Havok and Vespa will have starring roles , while Magneto is the antagonist . Their uniforms are different, as shown in the Art of Daniel Acuna.

Remender told the whole saga will be told in 25 editions . And finally, after Planet X, there will still be issues with the conclusions of previous arcs with the Red Skull and Massacre .

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Not when it counted, of course

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I can’t be a part of your bad girl shenanigans!

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Spent this afternoon at Gay’s The Word - a fantastic independent LGBT bookshop in Bloomsbury, Central London. I’d definitely recommend it!

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for Ixazaluoh - The Mayan goddess of water and weaving


Daniela Braga, Blumarine F/W 2012

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A threshold moment in human evolution

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I find myself wanting to draw a perfect Rose, over and over although I cannot find a Rose anywhere.

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